A free, open source implementation of the Full Thrust minatures game.

About FTJava

FTJava is an implementation of Full Thrust, a starship miniatures game produced by Ground Zero Games and written by John Tuffley. Full Thrust is an excellent table top game, but sometimes opponents and time to play are difficult to come by. FTJava provides an alternative.

Full Thrust Rules

The Full Thrust Light rulebook is highly recommended reading prior to playing FTJava. FTJava implements all the rules in Full Thrust (2nd edition), Fleet Book 1 and Fleet Book 2.


Is found here.

Starting a game

To start a game, choose File > Start Game... and select a scenario file (more documentation on creating scenarios to come). The scenario will be uploaded to the server. New players can select File > Join Game... to fetch a list of games waiting for players. Once a sufficient number of players have joined a game, the server will automatically start the game.

Fetching and Sending games

The Fetch Games button will query the server for any waiting game turns. Likewise, Send Games will upload any pending orders to the server.


FTJava is completely free to play, always has been, always will be. If you would like to support further development and contribute to ongoing server costs, visit our store and buy a commission! All FTJava players start at the rank of [Seaman] and can purchase ranks from Ensign up to Admiral.

Ranks have no effect on game play. A purchased ranks are displayed next to your nickname and email address in the ship movement and combat dialog. Ranks are [Admiral], [Vice Admiral], [Rear Admiral], [Captain], [Commander], [Lt Commander], [Lieutenant], and [Ensign].

Proceeds from all purchases go toward running the FTJava server and software development.


Join in the Slack discussion. An invite to Slack site is automatically sent when a new account is created on the server.


FTJava documentation is in two sections. Basic client overview and Scenario Editor documentation are found on this server. An overview of how to play is found in the Full Thrust Light rule set freely available at Ground Zero Games.

Contact a person

Drop us a note @ ftjava.gamemaster@gmail.com

Download FTJava Clients

Mac and Windows include embedded JRE, Linux clients need to download the Java Runtime Environment.
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Contact FTJava Game Master

Feel free to email us to provide feedback or to suggest features, report bugs or just say hi! ftjava.gamemaster@gmail.com